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At the beginning, The Congos was a duo comprised of Cedric Myton and Roydel "Ashanti" Johnson. Cedric Myton grew up in St. Catherine, Jamaica and began his singing career as a member of the rocksteady band The Tartans in the late '60s, and Roy Johnson, a native of Hanover, Jamaica, grew up singing spirituals at home and collaborated with Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus.


Their distinctive vocals: Johnson's strong, clear tenor and Myton's breathtaking falsetto, led them to work with such major musical talents as Sly Dunbar, Ernest Ranglin, and "Sticky" Thompson… But it is their collaboration with Lee Perry at his Black Ark Studio in Kingston, which led to the release of the masterpiece Heart of the Congos in 1977, one of (if not the) finest production job of Perry's long and prolific career, which really set them up as worldwide inescapable reggae artists.


Unfortunately not long after the record was released, Myton and Johnson went their separate ways and as solo artists, they have never again captured the magic of Heart of the Congos. 30 years after, The Congos were back together with the album Swinging Bridge released in 2006 and they performed in the biggest European Festivals (Roskilde, Dour, Afro Pfingsten, Musiques Metisses, Summerjam, Uppsala etc.). For the production of their last album Back in the Black Ark released in November 2009, they worked with Lee Perry himself and the result is one more jewel piece of roots reggae music !


The Congos est né à la fin des années 60, de la rencontre entre les jamaïcains Cedric "Congo" Myton et Roy "Ashanti" Johnson. Cedric Myton est originaire de St Catherine et commence sa carrière de chanteur au sein du groupe Rocksteady The Tartans. Roy Johnson, natif d'Hanover, grandit au rhythme du spirituals et collabore avec Ras Michael & The Sons of Negus. 


The Heart of the Congos est le premier album du groupe, et celui de la consécration. Produit par Lee Scratch Perry dans son studio Black Ark à Kingston en 1977, cet album est une perle de la musique jamaïcaine ou la tessiture si particulière de Cédric mêlée à la voix grave de Watty et Roy produisent un son authentique et unique ! Deux albums lui succèdent, Congo Ashanti et Image of Africa mais le groupe se sépare…


Plus de 30 ans après l'inoubliable et classique Heart of The Congos, The Congos sont de retour sur le devant de la scène en 2006 avec l'album Swinging Bridge et une tournée qui les mènent à Musiques Metisses, Afro Pfingsten, Roskilde, Garorock, Rencontres & Racines... Pour Back in the Black Ark sorti en novembre 2009, ils reviennent aux sources de leur succès et font appel aux talents du grand Lee 'Scratch' Perry.

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